Supervisor - swiss screw machines, Tornos, Bechler, leadership

Company Name:
Medvec Resources Group
Supervisor swiss screw machines, Tornos, Bechler, leadership
A solid company producing quality components for 40 years if continuing to grow and increase market share. They produce medical, dental, aerospace and close tolerance screw machine components. Our client offers a competitive salary, good benefits, paid travel to interview and relocation assistance to sunny California. This corporation has many long term employees who are enjoying long careers.
WE are searching for a hands on Supervisor with direct experience on swiss cam driven screw machines. Past experience setting up and repairing Tornos and Bechler swiss type screw machines is needed. Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills are needed to resolve tooling, speed/feed, set up and machine tool issues. This Supervisor will interact with the management team to develop the production plan and schedule. WE are searching for a strong leader to executive the production plan, resolve bottlenecks, guide associates, allocate resources, ensure quality, efficiencies and delivery. The Production Supervisor will lead 12-15 skilled machinists. Past experience motivating and increasing the skill level of the machinists on the Tornos and Bechler screw machines is needed.
MUST HAVE: 10 plus years of setting up and troubleshooting on swiss cam driven screw machines along with the ability to debug and repair. Interested candidates will need a minimum of 5 years leading, guiding, motivating and directing highly skilled swiss screw machines, set up operators. The ideal candidate will have direct experience on Tnros R10 and M-7 models, as well as Bechler A-10 and M-20 models.
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